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Absinthe History :: Quite Intriguing

-- By  George in  The Cosmos on Thu, 31 May 2007 at 03:41.

Even though I have drank the Green Fairy more than once, I had never taken the time to read about absinthe history until now. After reading the article above, I have to admit that my fondness for the Green Fairy grew by leaps and bounds. I thought that it was quite humorous that absinthe alcohol actually started out as a medicine. I guess it's not that surprising considering all the uses that whiskey has had through the years ;-)

I will definitely be revisiting Absinthe Fever and looking forward to updates. I would thoroughly enjoy to learn more about the current state of absinthe and the Green Fairy. Specific articles on how different countries handle things such as absinthe kits, wormwood, etc. would be very enlightening to read...

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