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'Adjustments' to dripper(s)

-- By  Eryl III in  Washington state, USA on Thu, 6 Jul 2017 at 17:34.

Having 4 traditional absinthe glasses, & procuring REAL Absinthe (at LEAST 68% A.B.V.- 136 proof), I acquired 3 very well made stainless 'drippers' (for which a spoon is not needed, as with a fountain). 3 legs support the water 'bell' which rests over the glass with it's own sugar tray below. - However, when I started 'the ritual' - pouring the (ice) water (over 1-3 ice cube(s), the center hole in the bell was too big, thus, STREAMING thru (rather than 'dripping') - hence the name (... Hellooo...), which promptly overflowed the sugar tray, spilling into the glass without properly dissolving the sugar! (use proper French sugar 'cubes'- (1 'cube' halved in a packet.) for here, they apparently can't imagine anyone desiring only HALF a cube!) ...ANYHOOT - ONWARD thru the 'Loosh' (yankee pronuncination). - The 'drippers' needed slight 'Adjustments/Improvements'. -- First I drilled the 4 outer holes in the sugar tray SLIGHTLY bigger (leave the center one alone!), - Then I 'Jetted' the center hole in the bell (like a carburetor) with a adjustable needle screw so one can regulate the Drip. NOW 'La fee Verte' won't leeme alone. (I really should check again tho...). Aahh... PERFECT! Je vous remercie!

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Absinthe ritual of La Louche
'It is healthy,' declares this classic Absinthe Cusenier poster that depicts a suitably well-fed gent performing the traditional absinthe ritual. The lady at the window is transfixed!

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Absinthe.se is one reliable website that has a short how-to guide to the classic French ritual. They resolutely condemn (and refuse to provide instructions for) the modern-day "fire method".

Instructions for both rituals -- the traditional French one and the recent fire one -- are available at DrinkNation.com.


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