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The ritual

-- By  Loz in  Manchester,England on Sun, 19 May 2013 at 11:33.

Living in the U.K. I suppose I'm luckier than those of you in the U.S.A.,in regards to the range of different Absinthes avaliable to me(i.e. Thujone and alcohol levels).Am saving up for a basic 2 tap fountain which should cost around 45.Until then I'm having to use a glass dripper,and syrup(1:1 sugar to water),but sat at the table,you can still sit and watch 'the louche' occur,and the end result is much the same.3 glasses in and the daily grind seems to melt away.Enjoy.

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Absinthe ritual of La Louche
'It is healthy,' declares this classic Absinthe Cusenier poster that depicts a suitably well-fed gent performing the traditional absinthe ritual. The lady at the window is transfixed!

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About the absinthe ritual

Absinthe.se is one reliable website that has a short how-to guide to the classic French ritual. They resolutely condemn (and refuse to provide instructions for) the modern-day "fire method".

Instructions for both rituals -- the traditional French one and the recent fire one -- are available at DrinkNation.com.


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