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My Own La Louche Ritual

-- By  Sam McEly in  Jefferson City, TN on Tue, 13 Mar 2007 at 06:58.

Last week, I was finally able to have my first absinthe experience. Although my friend obtained the absinthe over two months ago, as I explained in the absinthe fountain section of this web site, we wanted to get a better understanding of absinthe to ensure that we got the most from our meeting with the Green Fairy.

After obtaining a lovely absinthe fountain (which would allow us to enjoy the traditional La Louche ritual), we decided that we were going to host a six person dinner party. The small atmosphere would allow us to share our feelings and experiences with others, but at the same time maintain a relaxed, intimate atmosphere. From what we had read, this was the optimal way to enjoy absinthe and all of its effects.

After our guests arrived, we all gathered around the dinner table. After filling our glasses with absinthe, we used our fountain to perform the traditional La Louche ritual. For our first glass, we decided to only use water and no sugar. Once I gave a short toast, we all drank our glass. We discussed our initial thoughts on the drink, and then settled in for a delicious meal. Throughout our meal, the conversation flowed freely, and it was apparent that everyone was feeling quite good. When the meal was finished, we had another glass of absinthe, but this time used a sugar cube as a part of the Louche ritual. As the night wore on, we drank several more glasses, each time using sugar during the La Louche ritual. The conversations were quite intriguing, and the atmosphere remained warm and intimate throughout the evening.

Overall, my first absinthe experience exceeded my initial expectations. Although I currently do not have access to anymore absinthe, it is something I hope to experience again in the near future. Whether you are a complete novice or a seasoned absinthe enthusiast, using the La Louche ritual can greatly enhance your absinthe experience.

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Absinthe ritual of La Louche
'It is healthy,' declares this classic Absinthe Cusenier poster that depicts a suitably well-fed gent performing the traditional absinthe ritual. The lady at the window is transfixed!

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Absinthe.se is one reliable website that has a short how-to guide to the classic French ritual. They resolutely condemn (and refuse to provide instructions for) the modern-day "fire method".

Instructions for both rituals -- the traditional French one and the recent fire one -- are available at DrinkNation.com.


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