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Fun with the green fairy.

-- By  TheEvolutionMan in  US, midwest on Fri, 23 Feb 2007 at 21:55.

I have tried "absinthe" sold in the States and must say it's far from the real thing. A friend of mine had a recipe for home made absinthe using a combination of oils which are added to several fifths of liquor (a form of everclear with lower alcohol content works best) with some green food die to give it a nice color.

We then drank it with ice water and sugar; a variation we changed until we found a recipe we liked, about on shot of absinthe to 10 or 12 oz of water. I must say it was a phenominal experience if drank in moderation, which caused no real halucinations but made simple things interesting to look at.

I must warn everyone now though: I witnessed my friend vomit violently for nearly a half hour because he thought he could drink a bunch so BEWARE. This is more dangerous than normal alcohol, so moderation is a neccessity.

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Absinthe ritual of La Louche
'It is healthy,' declares this classic Absinthe Cusenier poster that depicts a suitably well-fed gent performing the traditional absinthe ritual. The lady at the window is transfixed!

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Absinthe.se is one reliable website that has a short how-to guide to the classic French ritual. They resolutely condemn (and refuse to provide instructions for) the modern-day "fire method".

Instructions for both rituals -- the traditional French one and the recent fire one -- are available at DrinkNation.com.


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