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After a false step...

-- By  Amy Lewis in  Cape Coral FL on Thu, 7 Jan 2016 at 17:40.

I had wanted to try absinthe for a long time, and asking at my local liquor store I was surprised that they had it, and bought a bottle on the spot for about $45. Upon getting it home I googled it, finding that it was not even real absinthe, didn't have wormwood in it, and was a poor imitation. This was Absente Absinthe Refined. Don't buy that stuff! In disappointment and resentment I immediately went out online and found the real thing, ordering a bottle of Absinthe Jade L'Esprit d'Edouard, and a bottle of Absinthe Jade 1901. I have a nice Absinthe spoon and glass on the way as well, and can't wait for my first real taste of real absinthe. I intend to collect it and keep several high quality bottles on hand, to include Jade VS 1898 absinthe, Jade Nouvelle-Orléans, Roquette 1797, and one I'm most curious about, Blanche Traditionelle Brut d'Alambic.

I'm all done messing around with the rip offs. I'm going to do this right! Once I have the real thing in hand, my fountain and everything ready I'm going to introduce myself to real absinthe the proper way, picking the right time for it, perhaps with a good friend.

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The Green Muse by Albert Maignan (1895)
The Green Fairy works her magic as she delivers inspiration to the mind of a poet. This romantic depiction of the Fairy's powers was painted in 1895 by Albert Maignan; it is entitled 'The Green Muse'.

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About the Green Fairy

Where there is a will, there is a way, and folks do go out of their way for a chance to meet the "Goddess" -- like the guy who claims the Green Fairy can be summoned by soaking wormwood in alcohol. Well, no, it cannot... sorry, but it just doesn't work like that. Unless you own a still, there is no way you will ever make real absinthe at home.

(I'm beginning to wonder why we called this part useful links...)

Anyhow, let's move onto the useful / interesting stuff... This page would not be complete without mentioning MsJekyll's Green Fairy page. A modern-day absinthe icon, MsJekyll published an absinthe website years before the current absinthe revival. Been there, done that - well before the current bunch of absinthe 'experts' appeared on the web. Don't miss MsJekyll's poetry - dark but beautiful.


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