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-- By  Aaron Snyder in  Anywhere on Fri, 2 Dec 2011 at 02:19.


Dutifully imbibing my healing poison of choice.
Waiting for the Fairy to give the poet in me voice.
She gently speaks to me with words well chosen and few.
I take her in but little for our magic to renew.

Anger fell under her spell as envy she removed.
I take small bits of her therefore gluttony is disproved.
Ersatz pride set aside with sloth via writing healed,
And due to friendly companionship lechery’s fate is sealed.
With my mood thus subdued avarice meets chagrin.
We defeat the deadly sins by committing further sin.

My mind open to the brownie’s lessons I now learn.
She leaves in place my troubles while removing my concern.
My mind set at ease, but not in a mystic haze.
The herbal pixie’s to take my body in our next phase.

Bodily luxury another of her amenities.
Gentle caresses flow up my limp extremities.
Waves that breach and softly reach deep into my core.
She thus dually strokes me to relax and restore.
Thoughts not confined or entwined with any undertow.
I mind my measurements for the sake of my ego.

Being human I have been given to excess.
Allowing in too much of my Green Fairy princess.
Then I melt and watch as powerless fan blades spin,
And ride into unconsciousness on an anisette grin.

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