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lucid is real absinthe

-- By  David in  Dallas, TX on Wed, 23 Jan 2008 at 01:58.

It's funny how everyone who hasn't tried it is supposedly an expert. My friends and I purchased a several of the extremely limited quantity lucid bottles in the Dallas area and have been enjoying them for more than a week. At $58-75 per bottle, it is pricey, but worth every cent. It is not the typical American junky absinthe knockoffs available for the past 7 or 8 years.

My experience over the past 7 days:

Day #1: 8pm - 2am I consumed approximately 1/3 bottle of lucid absinthe throughout the first evening. Drank in a traditional manner with suger cube and cold water. I was the happiest/friendliest drunk and retained a lot of my senses. Doesn't mean I could stand up, but whatever! I remember pretty much the entire night. (6 hours-ish)

Day #2: 10am Woke up smiling, without any form of a hangover, and immediately went into the kitchen to take a shot of lucid and pour another glass. :-)

Note: I have been drinking for 10 years and NEVER wanted a drink the next morning.

Day #2: Noon Evidentely I was bouncing (literally) around the house and drunk texting every person on the phone to tell them how good I was feeling.

Day #2: 3pm I woke up under a set of golf clubs. There's no explanation of the events that led to this, but I was so happy about it that it didn't matter. I immediately went into the kitchen (still no hangover)and poured another lucid absinthe drink. I went to the store (passenger!) and to a friends house and kept rubbing my feet on the carpet of the SUV and saying my legs feel SOOOO good. (I'm smiling right now)

Day #2: 8pm-4am Opened and finished the 2nd bottle of lucid. I only had 1/2. The events of the evening are a bit of a blur, but there are pictures of me passed out in the clothes dryer. Ummm... three different times. Guess I was doing laundry. My friends reported I was still a happy and somewhat coherent drunk, at least more than I am with beer or liquors.

(It's getting a little blurry at this point, but my friend is helping me remember)

Day #3: 8am-noon Woke up with NO HANGOVER and took three shots of lucid. Played Wii for about 4 hours. Was jumping up and down the entire time and giggling about how good I was feeling.

Day #3: 2pm Made a decision to not drink lucid for a while because I'm likely to never work/function again. I also noticed that everything was "moving". I don't think it was this magical fairy stuff people are talking about. I think my eyes/body were just exhausted. But then again...

Day #4 2am-8am I woke up at 2am screaming and thinking I was being eaten by my friend's Timberwolf, which was sleeping in the room with me. Eyes were defintely playing tricks on me. Everything was "wavy" and "moving" and the tree outside the window looked like the one on Poltergeist. Not cool. I also thought the front lawn was on fire, but it was a combination of street light and water sprinkler. I was seriously freaked out and tried to sleep for the next 6 hours, but had AT LEAST 6 different nightmares that I remember in detail. Not cool. I can't remember any dreams I've had in years, but maybe it was just from lack of sleep.

Day #4-7 Couldn't afford anymore lucid!!! It's sold out all over town anyways. Been reading all the BS stories on the internet and getting mad because people are speculating about lucid being fake. Buy a freakin bottle and try it. Seriously...

Day #7: (Right Now) My friend just bought 3 more bottles of lucid. I'm SO excited. This stuff is affecting my life. I haven't worked in days and am not really upset about it. Just want the next bottle! Yay!

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