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-- By  Peter Turnbull in  Essex on Fri, 30 Mar 2007 at 09:11.

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The high alcohol level in absinthe, in combination with the active herbal ingredients, make absinthe controversial.

Most folks agree that absinthe is unlike any other drink. The trip effect of drinking real absinthe is traditionally attributed to the thujon in wormwood. However, it is important to remember that wormwood is not the only herbal constituent that may be significant. Anethole which gives absinthe it's distinctive licorice flavour is found in fennel and star anise, and both are herbal constituents of real absinthe. The effect of anethole and thujone is the probable explanation of the absinthe effects.

I cannot account for the lack of hangover lol You should also not drink absinthe to excess, one or two glasses at most is sufficient.

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