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fairy wonderland

-- By  Jade Fae in  WV, USA on Mon, 25 Feb 2013 at 21:20.

don't laugh, but i just discovered that i could buy absinthe legally in the US. that some brands even have close to the same amount of wormwood as original not so legal out of country versions. so having said that, i purchased my very first bottle of absinthe.

they tell U patience is part of the experience, & it most definelty is. so much so i almost over prepared, but it was worth it to be hypnotized by the cloud rolling around in my glass.

of course i've read many books & plenty of movies before knowing i would ever get to try it for myself, so when i took my first drink, my thought was, i will just talk myself into believing whats been told, & over analyse it.

..not at all. my first drink had a warm fuzzy burn. very strong even after the water&sugar. but with that first drink, & no exaggerating, any lil bit of pain in my body, disappeared. that quick. like butter melting.

having felt something almost instanly, i decided maybe i better sip slowly. so i go to doin lil tasks around the house. well that did not last at all. they describe a clear-'headedness, this great ability to concentrate. what they dont tell U is U have a great ability to concentrate.... but only on one thing, & that one thing is whatever happens to suddenly catch Ur eye.

i was also expecting hallucinations, & uncontrolled laughter, but that wasn't so either. the tv is what caught my undivided attention & i couldn't stop noticing every little detail. it was like seeing things more vivid & pretty colors. & the laughter wasnt uncontrollable but laughing came more easily. a giggly feeling like good pot. just all around jolly.

what everyone suggests that my experience found true is its not a drunk at all. not like anything else i ever drank. no headache, no slurring, nothing. & maybe thats what they mean by the clear-'headedness, cause i wasnt hyper, yet i wasn't tired either. just a peaceful warm feeling.

now the best part (of course) is having sex & wow! having Ur head so devoted to just one thing, & being so calm, lets just say it preps Ur brain for the task at hand. oh & i mentioned better colors, well imagine what it does to Ur sense of touch& feel.

as it started to wear off, it wasn't quick like i expected. i just sorta slowly sank further into calm sleepness. & i think thats where they got the hallucinating part right. my dreams were bright, colorful, intense. it was like my own personal trip to pepperland.

also, i've had trouble sleeping all my life, but that night i slept 9 hours straight through. even with all the dreaming, my mind felt rested. the whole next day was better too. like a lingering feeling somewhere in the back of my head. colors were still vivid, i still laughed more easily, & nothing seemed too awfully concerning.

now i know everyone is like whatever, but this is my experience. i cant tell U what Urs will b like, but i can tell U that i will warmly welcome the green fairy many more times into my life. cheers & hoping whoever reads this just as much well-being from that lovely bottle of green magic.

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'Meeting the Green Fairy' is a metaphor sometimes used to describe the curious effects of the green liquor.

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When it comes to the effects of drinking absinthe, people's opinions -- and experiences -- vary wildly. Some go as far as to claim the drink is psychoactive, while others say there is no "secondary" (that is, other than alcohol-induced) effect at all.

As early as 1993, Matthew Baggott posted his Absinthe FAQ in the Usenet newsgroup "alt.drugs" (there wasn't much of the web as we know it back then). As you will suspect from the newsgroup's name, the issue of absinthe's "psychoactive qualities" was one of the interests of the document.

Some people take it further still. We definitely do not recommend any experiments with Paxil and absinthe (nor, for that matter, mixing any medicine with alcohol). Anyway, it's quite clear which way the wind blows here, since Jasmine Sailing's bizarre piece more or less concludes absinthe is a narcotic. Is it really? Yup, it does read like the girl was out of her mind when she wrote the page -- and no, we don't think the Fairy was to blame!

A far more sober look at the effects of the Green Fairy can be found in "The Return of the Green Faerie", an article written by Frank Kelly Rich of the Modern Drunkard magazine (no pun intended). Recommended reading.


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