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Just like the difference between "having sex" and "making love";....Absinthe is not at all like other hard drinks where with them; the main goal is to get them down one's neck as quickly as possiable to by-pass their harsh,burning and unsavory tastes merely to get as drunk as quickly as one can; and experience the sensation of "shutting one's mind off" only to enter a state of "stupidity and amnesia".....followed hours later by the inescapable HANG-OVER!!!.............Whereas;with Absinthe....It is a "magical-elixer"----intended to be cuddled and carressed; for it's imbibers to carry-out a "Ritual"- with sugar and spoon; to observe it's "Transformation",and to then "Partake" of this mystical drink not merely to escape from One's Life or Reality; but instead......TO EXPIERIENCE Life and to realize that "Reality" is multi-layered; multi-facetted and that there is no One Reality Respectively...............Absinthe is not meant to "escape from";.....but rather to "escape to"!!! Absinthe is unlike any other alcoholic beverage...it is not made in order to get one "DRUNK"........Absinthe is made to get one "DRUNK WITH LIFE"!!! As with anything in Life;.............ENJOY WITH MODERATION!!!

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Absinthe effects
'Meeting the Green Fairy' is a metaphor sometimes used to describe the curious effects of the green liquor.

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About the effects of absinthe

When it comes to the effects of drinking absinthe, people's opinions -- and experiences -- vary wildly. Some go as far as to claim the drink is psychoactive, while others say there is no "secondary" (that is, other than alcohol-induced) effect at all.

As early as 1993, Matthew Baggott posted his Absinthe FAQ in the Usenet newsgroup "alt.drugs" (there wasn't much of the web as we know it back then). As you will suspect from the newsgroup's name, the issue of absinthe's "psychoactive qualities" was one of the interests of the document.

Some people take it further still. We definitely do not recommend any experiments with Paxil and absinthe (nor, for that matter, mixing any medicine with alcohol). Anyway, it's quite clear which way the wind blows here, since Jasmine Sailing's bizarre piece more or less concludes absinthe is a narcotic. Is it really? Yup, it does read like the girl was out of her mind when she wrote the page -- and no, we don't think the Fairy was to blame!

A far more sober look at the effects of the Green Fairy can be found in "The Return of the Green Faerie", an article written by Frank Kelly Rich of the Modern Drunkard magazine (no pun intended). Recommended reading.


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