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Two Fairies and a Lost Hour...

-- By  Tony in  Southern U.S. Somewhere outside the French Quarter on Sat, 22 Oct 2011 at 03:29.

My first meeting with Her was a solo flight test before introducing Her to a friend ;-).
I prepared the first of what was to be a trio. After all, it was only 138 proof (GRANDE ABSENTE from France). What harm could come from 3 shots?
That first was so pleasurable that I didn't wait long for the next one. I poured the required amount. I lovingly pushed the corked top back into the bottle, the squeek caused a chill to run up the back of my neck. I put a sugar cube on the spoon, such a piece of art this spoon was! The water was perfectly chilled and ready. As I drizzled it over the sugar into the glass, my mind wandered to thoughts of the friend.
What would she think of me and another having fun without her? Too much distraction...
The la louche had taken effect and was beckoning to me.
Forty-five minutes later I realized that I was sitting front of the TV and had not moved. I could not even remember what was on or if I had even blinked! lol
As for the aphrodisiac effect of absinthe? Well, just ask Louise when you see her in The House in New Orleans...

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Absinthe effects
'Meeting the Green Fairy' is a metaphor sometimes used to describe the curious effects of the green liquor.

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About the effects of absinthe

When it comes to the effects of drinking absinthe, people's opinions -- and experiences -- vary wildly. Some go as far as to claim the drink is psychoactive, while others say there is no "secondary" (that is, other than alcohol-induced) effect at all.

As early as 1993, Matthew Baggott posted his Absinthe FAQ in the Usenet newsgroup "alt.drugs" (there wasn't much of the web as we know it back then). As you will suspect from the newsgroup's name, the issue of absinthe's "psychoactive qualities" was one of the interests of the document.

Some people take it further still. We definitely do not recommend any experiments with Paxil and absinthe (nor, for that matter, mixing any medicine with alcohol). Anyway, it's quite clear which way the wind blows here, since Jasmine Sailing's bizarre piece more or less concludes absinthe is a narcotic. Is it really? Yup, it does read like the girl was out of her mind when she wrote the page -- and no, we don't think the Fairy was to blame!

A far more sober look at the effects of the Green Fairy can be found in "The Return of the Green Faerie", an article written by Frank Kelly Rich of the Modern Drunkard magazine (no pun intended). Recommended reading.


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